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Seed Vigour : A Major Concern in Agriculture

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Seed vigour refers to both ability and strength of seed to germinate successfully and establish normal seedlings. The use of high vigour planting seed can be justified for all crops to ensure adequate plant population across the wide range of field conditions.


Seed vigour and seed viability directly affect the performance of seed planted to regenerate the crop. Although seed quality can influence many aspects of performance such as total emergence, rate of emergence. Under optimal conditions seed from different sources may result in similar high levels of germination ,so it can be considered as the potential performance of viable seed in agricultural practices and this is determined by the complex interaction between genetic and environmental components. Its impact is seen during seedling establishment in the variable seedbed environment and lead to produce robust high vigour seed that resists the negative impact of variable environmental condition during production and processing.

Importance in Agricultural Sector

Seed vigour is an agronomic trait so it is beyond natural adaptation. So,it helps in the optimization of production practices ,minimize negative environmental effects and limit seed deterioration during crop establishment . Robust seed enhances vigour to mitigate yield by limiting effect by establishing seedlings more uniformly across a wide range of environmental conditions. The major impact of variation in seed vigour manifests through a negative direct effect on seedling emergence therefore an indirect effect on yield .How fast a seed germinates in an easy and recognized way is the indication of the vigour.


Seed vigour ,thus its impacts on seedling , emergence contributes directly to the economic success of all commercial crops and has an important role in crop production.Seeds seen to be low in vigour will produce weaker seedlings that will be more susceptible to attack ,   contamination ,and other environmental issues.


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