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Permaculture farming

२०७८ साउन ३२ , सोमबार ११:०८ मा प्रकाशित | १०१२ पटक पढिएको

Nowadays farmers are more focusing on quantity rather than focusing on quality due to which they are using lots of chemical fertilizers,insecticides and pesticides.It leads towards the deterioration of soil property and the environment which is not a good sign for sustainable agriculture.But recently farmers are intrested in permaculture farming which helps to obtain sustainable agriculture.

Permaculture means permanent agriculture .It is an approach to land management and philosophy that adopts arrrangement observed in flourishing natural ecosystems.It is also an approach to agriculture and human settlement which seeks a harmonious balace among all forms of life in an ecosystems.

Permaculture farming includes the following things;

  • Harvesting the rain water
  • No use of machinery to plough the land
  • Growing crops according to the season
  • Growing multiple types of crops at the same time

In permaculture,trees are given the outmost importance .Lots of trees of fruit or medicinally important trees are planted in the farm .If we look farm from a far distance away it looks like a forest too.It was originally developed by David Holmgren and Bill Mollison of Australia in 1970.

Farmers are interested in this farming because;

  • It helps to improve health and surrounding environment
  • It cost less
  • It reduce waste and contribute in less pollution and less toxins
  • It focuses on more self sufficiency
  • It helps to create impact on community and organization
  • It leads towards sustainable agriculture

Nowadays permaculture farming is being popular worldwide.Many farmers are interested in permaculture farming and they are practising it also.In Nepal also,many farmers are practising permaculture farming and they are very satisfied with the production.



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