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Local Congress 2021 of IAAS LC Puranchaur begins from September 3-5

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IAAS Local Congress Puranchaur for 2021 is happening on 3rd, 4th and 5th of September where the committee will be handed over to the new enthusiastic team members, willing to make a change in agriculture .The college chief will be invited as a chief guest and in presence of the other alumni guests, many interesting programs like report presentation, workshop, general assembly, cultural nights, and official handing over of the committee will be conducted. 

IAAS (International Association of Agricultural Students and related science) is one of the biggest organizations of students studying and working on agriculture. It is an international non-profit, non-governmental organization student society intending to bring positivity and revolution in agriculture. It is one of the world’s biggest non-political student organizations which has come up with many innovative projects to enhance the skills of agriculture students.

IAAS Nepal is part of IAAS world which is intended to promote the capacity of students through their participatory involvement. It is dedicated to connect the students of similar fields and harmonize their effort in progressive development of different aspects of agriculture and related science.

IAAS Local Committee Puranchaur, which has been found successful in conducting various programs and campaigns, was formed 3 years ago. After the formation of a local committee in 2020, many virtual as well as physical programs were conducted with a motive of improving awareness in people regarding agriculture. An interaction and orientation programme under the guidance of local director Miss Shobita Neupane, was conducted on 4th October promoting the cooperation and understanding between the team members. An Agri talk series was conducted where the team had virtual communications with the farm owners for encouraging the interchange of ideas.The local committee had an amazing interaction with a farm owner virtually on 15th October where the team got to know about the past and present scenario of flower cultivation  and its rising importance in Nepal. A campaign on university was conducted with a motive of providing the knowledge of different agricultural universities around the world. 

VCP(Village Concept Project)  was launched with an aim of making positive changes in the lives of around 250 people in 50 households. The project aims to increase the annual income and reduce the poverty rate. The major part of the project is to give the people effective training on modern agriculture technology to improve production and eventually bring value-added products to the market via brand building. Interactions between different IAAS local committees were conducted where the team members got to know the other local committee in better ways. A 7-days 7 food campaign was conducted with an aim of awaring and giving knowledge to people about different plants having great importance. A debate championship was conducted virtually where many students participated and was a very effective programme. 

IAAS is a great platform for the enthusiastic students willing to improvise the agriculture system assisting to meet the committee goal. The active participation of each member is a great factor in the betterment of society and its individuals. Along with the upward progress of the society, it is a source of great learning experience and personal development. The committee wishes the candidates and the team members great luck for the formation and development of local organizations who are willing to make an impact on agriculture. 


Local Congress 2021

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