Tuesday, 31st January 2023 || १७ माघ २०७९, मंगलबार

Impacts of Covid-19 on Agriculture & Climate

२०७८ भदौ १४ , सोमबार ०४:०८ मा प्रकाशित | ५१९ पटक पढिएको

Agriculture and Weather: A Crow that’s lost its way in fog amid Covid waves. 

Seemingly as if, the great creator coated the entire wordly beauty at one specific place, Nepal,lives its pristine integrity reciting the braveheart tales of our valiant Gurkha warriors and extending its green sublime hills down the Great Himalayas snowlines and above the Gangetic plains of non transient fertility and productivity.

But in present,not just this beautiful nation of Nepal but in fact the whole world is sinking deep and suffocating from the successive waves of Corona Variants,one that originated from Wuhan,China but now has subjected the entire global mass to the deadly wrath of it.

In harsh situation filled with disease and deaths, although we are self aware of the truth that our greatest weapon for this fight lies in:food,sharp warriors in:Farmers and efficient sector in: Agriculture;the instability and lacking efficacy of supportive system have pushed the nation’s overall Ag sector to the unheard abyss,and down it goes further with each passing of time.

While the homebound lockdown rules already pose a question on the sustainability of food resources,the problem complicates further.The approaching scarcity of food at one hand while the issue of mental health of farmers whose products are being wasted without reaching the market on the other hand are evident,still the loudest of cries and heaviest of tears of these hard workers remain unheard and mistreated.

Who is to acknowledge all this pain and suffering?

The major priority should be the marketing of whatever products the farmers are being able to produce in this crisis time.As the danger of farmers giving away their occupation prevails when products don’t get fair enough pricing or don’t reach proper market;the respective concerned authorities and national bodies should focus on marketing and accessibility of such products.

Covid affects the climate in a positive & negative way . Due to lockdown  people go outside for only necessary work than normal days . So there is less pollution ( noise pollution , environment pollution etc) .Due to lockdown many people involved in rooftop farming which helps to manage waste from home which helps to control pollution.  

As Covid took its toll,problems such as farmers not getting funds in time,lack of grains for poultry, vegetables decaying in fields,hindrance to Agri-exports,restrained farmer’s daily mobility due to strict lockdown rules,etc. have caused the subsequent loss of consumers,thereby causing deficit and hardships on poor low income farmers.

It is high time that the government should focus on the plans and process to provide proper subsidies to the farmers. Lack of proper steps by the government is not only engendering sadness amongst the farmers but in addition it has also been impacting the economy of the country. On one hand our country has been exporting 400 crore worth agricultural goods from India within 40 days whereas on the other hand backbreaking work of the farmers-the local vegetables, fruits etc-are left to deteriorate. 

If the wails of dying Ag-sector remains unheard and unattended amid the corona effects,food scarcity on a global scale will surely be inevitable.

Hanging feeble as a ‘Crow that’s lost its way in the fog’ the present situation of nations unaddressed Agriculture problems sheds light on the fact that this impending doom of famine will kill more people than the lives Corona has taken.


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