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Community based seed production

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In Nepal maize is the second most important crop which is cultivated in 956,447-hectare areas (MOALD 2020). Total maize production is found to be  2,713,635 metric tons in the year 2075/2076(MOALD 2020). Midhill and high hill farmers produce more than two-thirds of total maize production.

  A group of 10-12 community-based farmers which is registered in the District Agriculture Development office produces improved seed which is called community-based seed production(CBSP). Farmers are trained to produce improved or foundation seeds of the preferred variety. Training of seed production, field inspection, post-harvest management is given by the expert to farmers. Farmer, researcher and extension workers are actively involved to produce quality seed under this concept. Farmers of mid-hill mostly used local maize seed which is stored by their farmers. Due to the unavailability of improved seed, the yield potential of maize in mid-hill and hill is low. So, the Hill maize research program implemented maize seed multiplication through community-based seed production in 1999 at Myagdi, Palpa, and Kaski districts. In the second phase i.e 2004 to 2008, the number of the district was increased up to 11 for CBSP of maize. In the third phase(2008-2010) CBSP  focused on transferring technology to the poor and marginalized communities in hills and mid-hill. It has a great role to escalate the seed replacement rate. Poor, women and disadvantaged groups can access improved technology and inputs. Seed is produced at the community level so farmers can buy improved seed at a reasonable price. Farmers can obtain extra income through maize seed production enterprises which may improve the livelihood of mid-hill farmers. Adoption of improved seed and technology through CBSP will help to achieve food security and sufficiency of hill people. Improvement in coordination among multi-stakeholders to increase in research and extension of maize seed production is achieved by the CBSP program. Participatory seed varietal selection and participatory technology development concepts are implemented in community seed-based programs. According to (KC et al. 2013) it has been reported that about 1,036 tons of maize seed were produced by 207 groups through CBSP in 2012. Marketing and proper seed storage should be improved through CBSP in future days. 


Community based seed production of maize seed production
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