Tuesday, 31st January 2023 || १७ माघ २०७९, मंगलबार


२०७९ जेठ ३१ , मंगलबार ०९:०६ मा प्रकाशित | १६५ पटक पढिएको

Sandisha Niraula Nepal is an agricultural country having 66 percent people directly engaged in
farming. Most of the places in Nepal practice traditional agriculture procedure
where as in some places agriculture is fully mechanized. From the use of only
organic manure to use of fertilizers agriculture in Nepal has grown.

Mechanization of agriculture has spread and grown in most places of Nepal which
has shown some promising results. Farmers are claiming more profit , easy work
completion in short time and effectively. According to the recent survey carried
out in gadi gaupalika farmers are satisfied with the machinery they have been
using . They have been receiving promising results and profit of around 3.5 lakhs
in 2 agricultural season from combine harvestor and about 2 to 3 lakhs from
tractor in one agricultural season .They have shown interest in other machineries
related to agriculture after success of previous machineries.

There were few problems related to mechanization that caught our attention.
Main problem was unavailability of spare parts and mechanic for maintanence
and repair easily. Farmers explained that they have to wait several days for spare
parts and as it has to come from order they are very costly. They also claimed that
as the machine gets old results shown are dissatisfying . It also seems that the
supply of tractors is surpassing the demand which has result in the
disappointment and frustration in farmers.


agriculture mechanization

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