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3G CUTTING : A Revolution in  Cucurbits Farming

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The name itself says that cutting down 1st and 2nd generation  branches and obtaining yield from 3rd generation branches is  known as 3G cutting. In better terms, it can be explained as ‘ a  scientific process to get higher production from plants by  increasing numbers of female flowers in the plant by practices like  trimming and pruning of 1st and 2nd generation branches’.  Generally, 1G branches and 2G branches have more no. of male  flowers than female (approx. in the ratio of 14:1) whereas this  ratio goes up to 1:2 in 3G branches. 

Now, what is 1G, 2G and 3G? 

Basically, 1G refers to the primary branch of the plant whereas 2G refers  to secondary branches and 3G refers to tertiary branches. So, when  growth of 1G and 2G branches is deprived, it leads to the growth  of tertiary branches which consist of good numbers of female  flowers. 

Why 3G cutting? 

Obviously, the answer to this is clear. We all know fruits develop  from female flowers. That doesn’t mean there is no need of male  flowers but male flowers are required for pollination and one male  flower is enough to pollinate many female flowers. So, to increase  the numbers of female flowers and to increase production 3G  cutting is the best scientific technique for farmers. 

Species ?

Generally, 3G cutting is most popular and successful in cucurbits  plants like; cucumber, sponge gourd, bitter gourd, pumpkin, bottle  gourd etc. as well as in plants like eggplant, chilli, lady finger.

When to do it? 

In this,we talk about when and how to do 3G cutting in cucurbits  plant. 

Let’s start: 

1. Plant must be allowed to grow to a height of 6-8 feet. 2. Any branches that grow before the 5th leaf stage of the plant must be  pinched off. (to ensure good strength of plant) 

3. When the plant reaches the required height, the tip must be pinched off to  support growth of 2G branches. 

4. The tip of 2G branches also should be pinched off when they  have 12 leaves. (cause it supports optimal female flower growth) 5. After a few days, 3G branches start developing from 2G  branches and further after a few days, we can see flowering in 3G  branches. In which, the number of female flowers are generally more  or equal to male flowers of the same branch. 

*For small plants, plants should be of height of 6-7 inches. 


Cut surfaces may be attacked by fungal diseases but growth of  fungus should be checked out and if required fungicide should be  used. 

Plant may be bushy, which doesn’t allow sunlight to pass properly.  So, unnecessary growth of 2G branches should be checked and  trimmed if necessary. 

We must check out for pollinators. Because unless there is good  pollination, production won’t be high. We can also do hand  pollination. 


This practice is hard to do on large farms. As it requires well care  and management. 

It requires experienced labor.

May cause death of plants due to fungal infection.


3g cuttting

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